Dog Yoga: Let your pooch try ‘Doga’ at this year’s OM Yoga Show

03 Sep 2013

Yoga has become so popular nowadays even dogs are doing it. No, you’re not barking mad: Dog Yoga - or ‘Doga’, as it’s known - is a great way of getting your four-legged friend to just chill out and simply
‘be’. And it’s all going on at this year’s OM Yoga Show in London this October, Europe’s largest all-things-yoga get together.

Just like humans, dogs equally benefit from yoga, reckons leading instructor Mahny Djahanguiri. She says that in Doga - which originates from the USA, and is fast making its way around the world - the
parasympathetic nervous system of your pooch is activated through both sound and touch. The owner practises ‘human’ yoga whilst performing canine acupressure and massage on their pup which helps to alleviate any stress and anxiety. Djahanguiri founded her company, Dogamahny, last year and was invited by Harrods to run intensive Doga workshops. She’s also an experienced Ashtanga and Kids yoga teacher, leading international workshops all over Europe.

In Doga, she says, no dog is forced to stretch. Instead, the owner performs traditional Hatha yoga postures (suited to their level, beginner or advanced) whilst the dog roams around freely. She calls it an organic and nurturing experience in which the owner and the dog bond through the ancient tradition of yoga. “All dogs are free and without lead; the result is total Doggie Bliss.”

Djahanguiri will be showcasing the wonderful world of Doga at the OM Yoga Show 2013 with her Maltese Terrier (Robbie). Suitable for all sizes, breeds and temperaments, though make sure your dog has been vaccinated.

For more information, contact Hannah at Prime Impact on 01787 224040 or email