Follow your dreams with TV's Dancing Queen Camilla Sacre-Dallerup at the Mind Body Soul Experience

30 Aug 2013

Follow your dreams, realise your potential and believe in yourself: get a motivational pep talk from TV celebrity Camilla Sacre-Dallerup at this year's Mind Body Soul Experience at Olympia Central.

The Danish born star, who moved to England 17 years ago, had a long and successful career as a top ballroom dancer and became a regular on British TV screens. She's now passionate about helping people achieve a better mind-body balance to achieve their dreams.

At Olympia London, she plans to share some simple tools to help others find inner peace and calm and to be content with who they are, as well as set goals and make a plan of action to make their dreams come true. Camilla has certainly lived the dream herself through recent years. She first rose to fame as Strictly Come Dancing's most successful female professional dancer and, after six series, won the trophy in 2008.

She then decided to move onto other challenges, helping the national get fit with GMTV's dancing queen diet, and then touring the UK with the play, Calendar Girls.

Throughout her years in sport, dance and entertainment she has always been aware that our minds as well as our bodies have to be in peak condition in order to reach our goals and be the best we can be. That's why she's passionate about passing on her experiences and the tools that have helped her through her life's ups and downs and, ultimately, fulfill her dreams.

Now, she uses her experiences as a qualified NLP master practitioner coach and hypnotist; a qualification she gained in 2009.

She is hoping that by sharing her journey she will inspire others. Come along and meet her at this year's Mind Body Soul Experience held at Olympia Central from 25-27 October. Her workshop will be held on Sunday 27 October from 12:15-1:15pm and entry will cost £10.

This year, visitors to the Mind Body Soul Experience will also have the opportunity to enter the OM Yoga Show for free. The two shows are being held at the same time in adjoining Olympia halls meaning you will get two shows for the price of one.


For more information, please contact Hannah Irons on 01787 224040 or email