Get in the ring: BoxingYoga at the OM Yoga Show

30 Aug 2013

Boxing and yoga together; surely not? Yes it's true. While Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson may not spring immediately to mind when pondering the ancient discipline of yoga, it doesn't hurt to have a spring in your step when someone's trying to bop you on the nose.

That's where BoxingYoga - making its first ever OM Yoga Show appearance this October at Olympia National - comes in.

Fusing boxing technique and philosophy with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, it's a new and challenging discipline created to give boxers competitive advantage through improved mental and physical power, flexibility and control.

The idea was created by the team at the Total Boxer gym in London as a great complement to any boxer's training regime; counter-stretching and strengthening relevant muscle groups, opening up the hips, chest and shoulders and increasing range of movement through spiral dynamics of the spine.

Be sure to check our one of two BoxingYoga workshops taking place at the OM Yoga Show from 25-27 October.

This year, visitors to the OM Yoga Show will also have the opportunity to enter the Mind Body Soul Experience for free. The two shows are being held at the same time in adjoining Olympia halls. This means you can get two shows for the price of one.


For more information, please contact Hannah Irons on 01787 224040 or email