See stunning properties from Dubai at Olympia London

20 Jan 2015

Taking place on 27th February - 1st March at Olympia West, the Dubai Property Show is bringing a unique showcase of Dubai properties to London for the very first time. The show will bring the best and finest real estate developers and brokers, marketing agents, hospitality developers, government departments and banks together. Forward-thinking investors from the United Kingdom will be able to meet and network with property investors on a global platform.

The show brings over 50 leading developers and real estate brokers, hundreds of projects and thousands of properties on display all under one roof. The Dubai Property Show is the perfect place to find incredible properties from budget to ultra – luxury apartments, villas, beach properties, commercial properties as well as to discuss future investment plans with leading experts and agents from Dubai. Considered a “must attend”, the Dubai Property Show is for anyone who is serious about making investment in the real estate market.

“Demand for residential property in Dubai real estate market has maintained a positive trend in 2014. With the first budget surplus in six years and the government’s commitment of significant spend on infrastructure projects, investments will be further enhanced as Dubai remains a very attractive proposition for long term investors. Quality assets situated in prime locations are expected to continue to be in good demand. The prices of luxury and quality residential properties still remain stable and an attractive draw for investors especially in comparison to prices of similar properties in other cosmopolitan capitals globally. We witnessed this in 2014 when we launched our flagship project Marina Gate residences.” said Rahail Aslam, CEO, Select Group.

“We are excited about our participation in Dubai Property Show and expect it to be a great opportunity to highlight Dubai as one of the most progressive and exciting property markets globally”, he added.
Sunil Jaiswal, President for Sumansa Exhibitions said: “From buyers to agents, to financing, every aspect of the Dubai real estate industry will come together under one roof and will make this a truly remarkable event. Access to accurate information is critical to successful investing, and with 50+ exhibitors and real estate brokers expected and Free seminars scheduled on Property Investment, Legalities and Financing you can identify the expertise and advice you need to make the right decisions on any specific area of investment interest.”

A bustling metropolis and poised to take advantage of a revival of fortunes, Dubai is a popularly favored destination for Britons looking to live, work and invest long-term. According to NatWest’s latest IPB Quality of Life, a global study of British expatriates’ opinion and attitudes to living abroad, Dubai ranked in as the third most preferred destination in the world by Britons.

Mr. Zubair Patni from Texture Properties said: "Dubai has been one of the best performing real estate market in the world and having no tax policy on capital and rental gain; makes it the center of all kinds of investments. There has been a 9.5% increase in growth of UK visitors to Dubai. Out of the total investments flowing into Dubai 4% has come from the UK since the recession. It is time for us to reward them and their interests, by giving back special releases and property packages designed especially for the UK market."

Want to learn more about living in Dubai and what it has to offer you both personally and professionally? You can find the right financial consultant for your needs and discover what property would suit you best; from city apartment to luxurious villa at the Dubai Property Show.


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