Walk The Path And ‘Find Yourself’ Inside The Labyrinth At The Mind Body Soul Experience 2013

03 Sep 2013

Children love getting lost inside garden mazes, but did you know that you can actually ‘find yourself ’ inside a real labyrinth? Discover the ancient wisdom of the labyrinth for yourself - and have fun too - inside Olympia London this October.

For the first time ever, The Labyrinth Experience, sponsored by Labyrinths in Britain, comes to the Mind Body Soul Experience - enjoy a special labyrinth at the show crafted by the award-winning team at The Labyrinth Builders. Dating back over 4,000 years, labyrinths have a long association with spirituality, ritual and sacred dance. Experience this therapeutic power and spirituality first hand in London from October 25-27.

“The labyrinth symbol transcends religion, time and cultures and is a universal ‘tool’ that can assist the individual to reconnect with their inner self, spirit or God,” say the experts at The Labyrinth Builders. "This is achieved through ‘walking the labyrinth’. There is no one prescribed method to do this though some groups and individuals have developed certain approaches and methods and offer their services as labyrinth ‘facilitators’ to guide anyone new to the practice. It’s something that people today need more than ever, those in the know believe. The pressures and demands of modern society and our need for deeper meaning in our lives has led to a resurgence in interest in this ancient form.”