3 trade show marketing campaigns that got it right

3 trade shows with great marketing campaigns

3 trade show marketing campaigns that got it right

Mar 2017

Trade show marketers have always had a tough challenge when creating truly inspiring campaigns. However we’re now seeing more B2B events leading the way with exciting multi-platform campaigns rivalling their consumer show cousins. With over 90 trade shows a year at Olympia London, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for the most creative, compelling and effective campaigns. Here are our 3 highlights which deserve special recognition…

The power of the #
Most shows these days have a hashtag but what every digital marketer really wants is a trending hashtag. It’s a great way to measure engagement and exposure across platforms as well as keeping track of conversations around the show.  Visitors to fashion event Pure London, use social media so frequently that #tagsandthecity found the most posted conversation at Kensington (Olympia) Station to be #PureLondon. By engaging their audience through platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, Pure have created the largest social following for any event (trade or consumer) at Olympia London, despite not being the largest in size.

Ditch the stock imagery
At the core of any successful trade show are people. Making new connections and networking with peers is where attendees gain the most value. However, when seeking imagery to represent this it’s tricky not to fall into an ‘off the shelf’ trap. Stock images are great for tight budgets, but original photography will always give your campaign an authentic edge. For 2017, International Confex’s creative used images of luminaries from the events world endorsing attendance to the show. These famous faces provided an impactful visual that was relevant to the industry and relatable for visitors. It created a sense of ‘if they are going, I need to be there too’ and portrayed the personal connections on offer at the show better than any generic image could.

Creating an invaluable hub
It may seem obvious but your website is the perfect place to stay connected with customers all year round and not just the months leading up to an event. Pulse, a boutique trade event for gifts and accessories, uses their website as the go-to industry platform, where exhibitors and visitors can discover bite-sized chunks of relevant information 365 days a year. What’s more, they have a dedicated stream, Pulse Unseen, showcasing the latest hotly anticipated products. This creates fresh content for the website and added value to exhibitors. By posting regular content throughout the year, Pulse has turned their website into a destination for industry news and off the back of this has positioned the event as an unmissable showcase.