5 brands that take sensory seriously

5 Brands that take sensory seriously

5 brands that take sensory seriously

Feb 2017

Creating lasting memories, making an impact, increasing engagement and gaining brand loyalty are all key drivers for brand activations. We understand that to hit these objectives we need to craft truly inspiring experiences for our customers. But what is the key to creating an all-encompassing unforgettable immersive moment? The answer lies within our five senses, and how a powerful combination could transform any ordinary event into an experiential heaven. But don’t take it from us; here’s how some of the big brands are creating unforgettable events…


During the Rio Olympics Airbnb listed a room on their website which was situated inside the Olympic Arena. Not only could sports fans stay the night in the middle of the action, but the appartment was also fitted our with competition inspired apparatus. Guests had the opportunity to interact with equipment including; bouncy floors, hanging rope ladders and lamp rings.


Stella Artois surprised travellers at Waterloo station with the opportunity to experience life as Rufus the Hawk (the resident bird of prey who patrols the grounds at Wimbledon) through the power of VR. Wearing Oculus Rift headgear members of the public experienced panoramic views as they soared through the skies as Rufus over Centre Court.  


Famous for their All-American clothing line the Polo Ralph Lauren shop on Regent Street has decided to give customers something more. Introducing Ralph’s Coffee & Bar the brand takes their customers senses to the next level. With their own signature coffee blend and professional baristas Ralph Lauren is now taking over their consumer’s taste buds as well as their wardrobes.


Natural cosmetic retailer Lush developed an experiential concept to engage their audience through their sense of smell. They transformed the Oxford Street flagship store and created a 16 seater scented cinema experience. Here customers could watch classic films while discovering the latest scents through perfumes, specially produced fragrant snacks, drinks and even fancy dress props to smell and wear during the film.


Some would say music can drive stronger emotions in humans than any of our other senses. It is one of the most powerful ways for brands to connect with their audience, so when Ray Ban and the Boiler Room designed a series of festivals for fans to see their favourite artists live, they created much more than a fun night out. The music evoked memories and emotion that no brand could replicate and gave attendees an unfortgettable experience. This also meant Ray Ban had the perfect platform at engage with their target audience and be part of those everlasting memories. 

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