B2B content shouldn't be boring

B2B content shouldn't be boring

B2B content shouldn't be boring

Feb 2017

Your delegates are hungry for information. Whether it’s the newest tech launch, the latest research findings or brand showcases, everyone wants to enrich their minds and come away with the feeling they’ve learnt something new. This creates huge demand for content heavy programmes and therefore we are seeing a transition from traditional to ‘content hub’ style conferences. Differentiate your next conference with our 3 recommendations for ensuring your content stays ahead of the game.

1.  Video content
According to research one minute of video is worth 1.8million words. Video makes digesting large amounts of information easier and more enjoyable as generally we prefer being shown how something works rather than being told. Using video content within your conference not only breaks up a keynote but also provides an exciting opportunity to showcase live demonstrations or new products. The use of video also has benefits after the show. It’s great content to be repurposed and used to promote next year’s show.

2. Emotional content
Emotional content is nothing new to B2C but is something that shouldn’t be overlooked in the B2B environment. It’s easy to forget businesses are run by humans and not machines and that we are all driven by our emotions. Getting the balance between emotional content that speaks on a human level as well as including supporting facts and figures is a winning formula when creating engaging and authentic content for delegates to take away.

3. Personalised content
The content provided to delegates at conferences needs to add value to each individual attending. The more you know about your audience the more specific you can make your content. Be clever and use data to create an even more personalised programme of relevant seminars, workshops and keynotes for your delegates to enjoy. By creating hyper-relevant content delegates will be more engaged and therefore be more likely to rebook in the future.  

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