Capture real-time data at your conference

Capturing real-time data at your next conference

Capture real-time data at your conference

Jan 2017

Real-time data allows conference organisers to gauge exactly what their delegates are thinking, feeling and experiencing in the moment. This enables you to make decisions which instantly have a positive impact on attendees and removes the need to wait weeks to evaluate the post show report. Here are the techniques to think about when you’re next capturing this data gold dust.

1. Social listening
Using social monitoring to follow key event hashtags can provide interesting insight about current attitudes of your delegates. Whether its comments about content or a query about catering; the ability to understand and quickly react accordingly is a powerful tool when helping improve your customer experience.

2. Live polling
Live polling during conferences is an interactive way to keep your audience’s attention as well as gaining vital information for future content planning. By using real time opinions on things like hot topics, trending subjects and big product announcements you can influence next year’s decision making. Live polling also provides quantitative data which can used to help measure the success of the event.

3. Event apps
Event app technology is now so advanced it can now provide organisers with real-time information as to who has checked in, which seminars are most popular and even how many people have clicked on an exhibitor listing. This in-app interaction can be instantly analysed to push alternative seminar content if space is limited or direct attendees to their preferred exhibitor via push notifications.

And the best part? All these tools can be managed directly from your smart phone. So you’ll always know exactly what is happening on the show floor.

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