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Discover our momentous event learnings this Autumn

With another season behind us, we stop to look back at a sensational array of inspirational events. Discover our key learnings as we delve into the exhibitions paving the way in sustainability and experiential. 

Increase visitor dwell time 

When coworking spaces first became popular, consumers found it was a great way to escape from the traditional office or home. Now, with the market expected to grow by 13% across the world, it's become so much more.

With coworking spaces giving members the chance to interact with people from different companies, industries and backgrounds, we’re seeing this trend play a pivotal role at Olympia London.

Last month, Decorex adopted the coworking trend by creating an exclusive and inclusive community space for their attendees. The ‘Soho House feel’ area was specifically designed as a hybrid to the coffee shop, with dedicated work zones and relaxed seating giving visitors the option to unwind, network or set up an office for the day. Not only did adopting this approach reduce the pressure to rush back to work, but in turn increased visitors dwell time during the exhibition. 

The bigger picture

With food waste and single use plastic currently being one of the biggest sustainability problems challenging our planet, it’s now recorded that 30-50% of all produce is lost in domestic wastage.

Being aware of the challenges we face in our industry, this season we saw House and Garden collaborate with us on an initiative to tackle the issue of plate waste. With support from the event organisers, Scully's, a new show-floor restaurant with a plant-based menu came to fruition. The menu was designed to not only reduce food waste (by delivering less than 2% compared to a 37% industry average), but to meet the demand of consumers by creating exciting sustainable dishes that offer guests an unforgettable food experience.

With figures revealing that 1/3 of all produce is thrown away, moving to a conscious event catering venture will result in building better sustainability in our industry and will set your event apart from your competitors and attract new attendees.

Bring the party

Now, more than ever, visitors seek an experience that’s tactile and engaging. Look to bring the dramatic element around your show and create features with multiple uses. In a world quickly shrinking our attention due to the rise of technology, it’s key to create an offering that’s impactful and captures the attention of visitors, enabling your show to build stronger connections.

An event that fully immersed their audience is Plasa. They curated a ready-made experience featuring a stage of dancers dressed in futuristic costumes performing in the rain. The theatre-esque performance utilised exhibitor offerings with bright beaming lights moving on rotation; the perfect way to create drama and a multi-sensory experience around products.

Want to include a show-stopping moment into your next event? It can be as simple as 100% design's spectacular DJ. Placed at the heart of the show floor for all to see, the day turned to night by bringing the party to exhibitors. Experiential marketing is nothing new, it’s been a growing trend in our industry for many years and it doesn’t look like it’s ready to stop any time soon.

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