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At Olympia London we’ve been working closely with our event organiser partners as they plan the impact of Coronavirus on their individual events. See the latest updates for each event here.

To find out how Olympia London is supporting the community and collaborating with industry partners to prepare for the return of events, click here.

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It’s Showtime!

It’s Showtime!

Creating an arrival experience to welcome visitors to an event has more benefits than you would expect.

From getting lost to long queues, many elements can negatively impact a visitor’s journey to a show. Expert wayfinding agency, Maynard who count TfL and Surrey City Council amongst their other clients, know all too well that first impressions go a long way. So, how can event profs incorporate key learnings from their research to ensure every visitor who walks through the door has a smooth journey?

  1. First of all, provide as much information about the venue as possible. Though you may have worked on the show before, imagine you are attending for the very first time. What information do you need to arrive happy and on time? Whether it’s the right show entrance (venues often have multiple spaces) or advice on the nearest car park, consider the little things as arrival experience sets the mood for a visitor.
  2. Consistence is key. Show marketing communications are often what your visitors rely on to plan a journey. It may sound obvious but are you taking the time to check your ‘how to get here’ page? Is the venue or location being referred to correctly? Can you provide maps to help direct? It is also important to remember that if dealing with a private ticketing agency, their communications about travel should match yours. A stable message can help prevent confusion later.
  3. Be welcoming. From security to ticket staff, your visitors will reach multiple touchpoints before they even step foot into an event. Ensuring this experience is inviting will help set the mood and also portray your brand in a positive light.

Whether or not you amplify this experience with grand features (Ideal Home Show), quirky landmarks (the dinosaur at London Book Fair) or big production (carnival dancers at Pure London); a cohesive arrival will make a lasting impact. Take the time to perfect this and you'll be sure to get visitors more engaged than ever, ready to spend and likely to return for your next event. 

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