The launch event: how to get it right

Big Data London Director, Bill Hammond shares his experiences

The launch event: how to get it right

Oct 2016

Bill Hammond, Managing Director at 3rd Street Group shares his experiences on bringing a new show to life…

Ahead of the launch of his brand new show, Big Data London, we spoke to Bill about what newbie organisers should consider before embarking on the challenge of bringing a brand new show to the market.

"1. Is your idea genuinely new?
The UK events market is booming. In fact, it’s currently worth £36bn to our economy. That being said, there will always be room for those with genuinely new ideas. For a show to be successful and durable, the prospective organiser should first find their niche and then deliver content in-line with that to the best of their ability.

2. Do the brands in your market actually need you?
Before deciding to launch Big Data London I did a lot of research and spoke to a lot of experts, one of which was the Head of Sales at Olympia London, Nick Graham—who gave me a piece of advice that really stuck. Essentially, if the market you are interested in is dominated by 4 or 5 big players then it’s not the market for you because they don’t need you. Instead, focus on markets that have lots of independent-medium size companies who are eager to get their brand out there.

3. Can your subject matter stand the test of time?
It’s all well and good if your topic is popular now, but you can’t have a successful show without longevity. With Big Data London, I knew that people would always care about data and what they can do with it regardless of the technology that brought it to them."

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