Make your content work harder

Make your content work harder

Oct 2016

With content swiftly being hailed as king over these past few years, it’s no wonder that every business is jumping on the blog bandwagon—ourselves included.  So, as budgets and resources are being increasingly poured into content, we were astounded to hear Jason Miller, Content Manager at LinkedIn, recently proclaim that 60% of what’s created simply goes unused.

In the world of events—where the show, conference or activation is the peak—it’s easy to let attention wane once it’s over. One of the best ways to counter this, and keep levels of visitor interest and excitement high right up until the following year, is to repurpose what you already have.

Here are our favourite ways to make blog content work harder.

1. Infographics
An oldie but a goodie, infographics are fantastic ways to attract your audience’s eye and share bite-sized information. Earlier this year, we saw The Great British Beer Festival present their travel information in a way that was visually engaging and fun—perfect for social sharing.

2. Webinars
If content is king, then video is queen. Turning your existing top tips and expertise into handy instructional videos that encourage interaction is a great way to engage your audience, find out what really matters to them and cement yourselves as thought leaders.  You can always record your webinars too, meaning you have another avenue to further share your content across social media, beyond just the initial time slot.

3. Newsletters
This day and age, your visitors don’t want to be sold to; they want to be informed. Blog content is a perfect filler amongst other news pieces in your regular newsletters. If you don’t already send newsletters, a monthly collection of your blog content is a great place to start.

4. Pin it
Pinterest users remain to be some of the most engaged across any platform and recent research shows that an astounding 87% of users have made a purchase because of the network. Make your event content as easy to share as possible by including pin-able images throughout and regularly using your own content to populate boards. A great example of this is the work done by Childcare Expo.

5. Create a collection
If you’re in need of a new blog post and are feeling really uninspired, take a look back. If you’ve done 5 posts about millennials so far this year then write a piece on ‘everything we’ve learned about millennials in 2016’. From here, all you would need to do is give a quick summary and a link to each of the individual articles.

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