Multi-channel personalisation in 3 steps

How can you personalise email communications?

Multi-channel personalisation in 3 steps

Oct 2016

Face to face networking is a key part of every exhibition. It's this interaction that inevitably helps build long term relationships and a successful show. So how can we replicate this personal approach through show communications? With events attracting a large number of visitors, all being targeted by various channels, adding personalisation to each one can be difficult. Enhance your campaigns with these simple ideas and make your customers feel valued.

First of all, it is important to remember that using personalisation doesn’t just mean referring to a customer by their name. Target them in a way that actually shows you really understand their needs.

The ‘abandoned basket’ reminder is a tool which prompts shoppers to complete their order and is a method online retailers are using more and more often. This idea can easily be adapted to events. Dealing with a high number of incomplete registrations? Why not target this group of people and encourage them to finish the form. Whether you add a pop-up to your website that customers see upon returning or invest in re-marketing, this tactic is sure to help you covert this pool to fully registered visitors.

Email or Direct Mail
To further target your audience, consider using different approaches to illustrate your awareness of their interests. Why not use your email campaigns to help segment your content by previous behaviour? This will not only demonstrate your understanding of the customer but also aid repeat attendance to a show. For example, attendees to last year's catwalk or keynote seminar would have a natural interest in features happening at the latest edition.

Social Media
It may be a surprise but personalisation also relates to when your tweets are timed. Knowing when your target audience is most likely to receive a message is part of understanding their lifestyle. Schedule your posts for a time when you are likely to get the most interaction; don't let your interesting content get lost in the abyss of online. Not sure of the best time? Try testing for a period of time and develop your own rules of engagement.