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A new season brings more incredible events and key learnings

At the home of inspirational events, we're lucky enough to host season upon season of exhibitions, providing extraordinary experiences like no other. Read on as we take a look at the Spring events pushing creative boundaries and offering unique atmospheres to each guest. 

Bringing the outside in

Breakout areas for guests are common features to any exhibition but it’s always exciting when shows create a distinctive atmosphere and transform a space to inspire guests. We have seen shows mix up simple seating areas by taking influence from outside elements, to bring them into their exhibitions. Last month we saw this first hand as the London Book Fair created an exotic beach themed area with deck chairs and grand canopies for visitors to take a break, read and relax - ultimately offering guests the opportunity to enjoy the natural daylight, provided by the venue, in a calming environment.

Similarly, shows such as International Confex and House and Garden take inspiration from nature by incorporating greenery and floral décor within their breakout spaces and entrances. Paired with our venue's beautiful natural daylight this provides the perfect backdrop for an oasis. In a world where we're becoming more submerged with modern life, the greater the craving for an immersive experience and so simple additions of trees and foliage provide a respite from London's concrete jungle.

Creative backdrops

Ever wondered how to control your media content by providing a designated hub for your guests? This year’s London Book Fair took the opportunity to transform an area into a content destination for interviews, small talks and 1-2-1 sessions. To set the scene, the space featured a backdrop of a cosy living room, with a roaring fireplace and leather chairs, all combined to create a multipurpose location that provided guests with the opportunity to capture content in an intimate environment.  

Taking it to new heights

This March saw the exciting return of Pure London, the leading fashion trade show, who experimented with alternative heights when it came to their exhibition stands. It is common for top floor stalls to be high and can often block your view out to the rest of the event. Pure London mixed things up by using low-level stands that provided guests with an exceptional vista from every angle. Further to this, using smaller stands helped open up the show floor providing guests improved navigation with an unspoilt view.  


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