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Capitalise on social media to make your event a success

In today’s world, social sharing increasingly dominates everything we do, and it's no secret that it has changed events forever...

Following our recent win for 'Best use of Social' at the AEO Awards, we decided to take a moment to look at the social media tactics you can deploy to boost value at every moment of your event cycle.

First impressions

Creating hype around your show and driving awareness to your audience is arguably one of the most essential elements to your campaign. First impressions are everything and for audiences to engage (and ultimately by tickets) they need to be intrigued.

Prior to their event launching, this year we saw Mind Body Spirit use influencer marketing to inspire fans and create buzz by choosing talent that aligns to their audience and are authentic to their brand. This not only drives excitement and greater reach amoungst audiences but it’s more likely to create an action from attendees and impact their purchase decision.

Don’t stop

Expanding your reach and driving engagement is important at every stage of the event cycle, so don’t stop just because your event is underway.

With growing platforms offering live streaming and viewers spending 8 x longer on live video than recorded, it’s a channel worth investing in; especially when at a touch of a button you can expand your reach to a wider audience in real time.

Similarly, with the growing concern of improving engagement for your event, a channel we’ve seen go from strength to strength in our industry is mobile apps. For the tech-savvy audiences, event apps offer better opportunities for networking, easy access to sessions and speakers, built-in social functionality and overall greater tailored experiences that meet their needs. With faster access and smoother functionality, it's no surprise that findings show 61% of event planners are currently using mobile apps to enhance their events.

Continue momentum

Now that you’ve created a plethora of content and a positive sentiment around your event, make it work harder and amplify it to your attendees and other customers. Maximising your video opportunities post event is the perfect inspiration for your next show. Tap into images, reviews and user generated content to drum up excitement whilst strengthening your brand for the future. Many of the wonderful events we host harness the power of video and develop effective after event content that continues to spread positive word-of-mouth of a successful event.  

Ultimately ensuring you’re in control and managing social sharing before, during and after your event will bring success now and for the future of your show.

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