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Future of Marketing

Three Marketing Takeaway Treats

Come with me, and you'll see, a world of pure imagination.

Having scooped the top prize for their Consumer Marketing Campaign at the Exhibition News Awards, we look back at Ideal Home Show Christmas 2018, as well as Crufts the dog show, plus the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Dancing with the stars

From the second you walk through the specially decorated entrances, you are transported into a Christmas Narnia, greeted by your favourite TV stars and dazzled by the decor. The immersive concept aims to engage and enthral visitors into a utopia, which then also results in the visitors becoming the marketeers. Fancy a selfie and cooking lesson with Gino D’Acampo? I would share it on Instagram that I was with the famous, cheeky Italian TV chef, at the Ideal Home Show. The show was also shared not just by other famous faces, but a variety of other media platforms, such as the ‘Skinny Jean Gardener' Podcast, as well as collaborators Good Homes Magazine, taking live videos in a living room set at the show. The Ideal Home Show Christmas really was the digital ‘the talk of the town.’

Ideal Home Show Christmas

In with the old

Crufts, the annual dog show at NEC, Birmingham is a celebration of the everything 'pooch'. The show is also one of the few that still embraces the old television platform; every year Channel 4 broadcasts live television coverage of Crufts. What's more, not only have they created a YouTube channel with over 208,000 subscribers providing bitesize snippets of the show, they have also branched out and created their own podcast. The podcast provides content all year round, ensuring the experience of Crufts continues even when the curtain calls. This show of our furry four-legged friends is a reminder that the old traditional means of marketing are still very much alive, plus reinforcing how important video is, but most importantly, the content is accessible on any platform for everyone to enjoy.

In with the new

Whilst a jam packed set of live events and talks are a great way of creating a focal point for visitors, shows around the world are still grappling with how to incorporate the 'new'. The large electronic show Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace, such as robots that can play ping pong and self driving cars. More crucially, this provides marketing teams endless content to post on every single social media platform, which then educates and engages a world-wide audience. However, it also makes us question the future of marketing, CES 2019 saw 27% more robotics exhibitors this year versus 2018, many more smart-glasses instead of smartphones and an even faster mobile network to be released. "We are going to be even more connected at all times to a smartphone," says Dan Pitchford, AI expert and Co-founder of AI Business. "You already see people walking down the street not looking where they're going, fixated on their phone, and there's probably going to be an increase in that [with the introduction of 5G]."  Are we marketeers going to be able to provide non-stop content for all the tech, gadgets and media platforms? Here's a thought... if robots are doing our everyday boring chores, how long until they become the marketing team?

The marketing gold comes from these special moments at the show, which are then captured, created into engaging content and shared on platforms for all to experience. The main question is, what is the perfect blend of special moments that could give your next show a sparkle? And how will you present them to your visitors and visitors to be?


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