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Uncovering Our Key Event Learnings This Autumn

This autumn we’ve seen an array of events come through our doors, all showcasing curated ideas and new innovations. We take a look at these extraordinary events; professionally crafted with sophisticated décor and encapsulated by new trends and technology.


Silent Seminars

Looking to take your insight sessions to the next level? A trend we’ve seen become increasingly more popular over the last three months are 'silent talks' held within the exhibition floor. The concept allows individuals to wear wireless headphones to listen to multiple speakers within the same room. It gives delegates the opportunity for guests to enjoy bite-size pieces of information and ensure they’re always listening to something that interests them, as well as enjoying an unrivalled choice of learning - all without any interference.

Most recently, one of the UK’s largest property shows, MIPIM, saw first-hand how silent talks can offer a great experience for an audience to gather information and one which ensures they’re always listening to something that interests them. So whether you’re planning a product launch or hosting talks within an exhibition space, why not enhance your seminar with a different offering and a clean and efficient delivery.

Immersive Surprises

As an organiser, you will know that your event begins from the moment guests walk through the door and it’s essential to make an impact from the start. Throughout our Autumn shows we have seen an array of visually stimulating entrances that have created memorable moments and a positive mind set for guests. We have also seen the power that comes with transforming an enticing entrance, which focuses your attendee’s attention.

According to the recent Mintel leisure report, consumers are seeking activities which offer new experiences that tap into our growing ‘experience economy’. With the burgeoning trend of social media, consumers are completely over-run by technology and now desire unique and immersive events that offer an escape. This Autumn, the International Jewellery Fair appealed to this behavioural trend by creating a high-street within the event; featuring shop fronts with beautiful window displays, cafes and roads. By bringing the high-street in, the fair created an offering for their guests, which was both sharable and immersive.

the International Jewellery Fair shop front

Similarly, one of our most notable exhibitions; Top Drawer, created a grand entrance that featured a beautifully designed floral tunnel to deliver a transition from the outside world into an event. 100% Design is another event which inspired us by turning our view from the splendour of our iconic glass roof, to the ground. To achieve this, organisers Media 10, curated a feature with an elaborate carpet design to carry guests through the show.

A Greener Industry

Exhibitions have had a reputation they have been known as damaging to the environment; especially when it’s not uncommon for stands to be custom-made to suit one show and then discarded. However, over the last few months we have seen event organisers taking the opportunity to product eco-friendly exhibition stands, thanks to forward-thinking sustainability initiatives.

Here at Olympia London, we’ve seen a trend for those who host multiple events throughout the year, turn to reusable and recyclable materials for their stands. Now that sustainability is becoming an increasing part of a brands culture, exhibition builds reflect this with naturally more sustainable materials, which in turn is streamlining their build-up process to make it more efficient.

With this in mind, events will be moving more and more towards complete sustainability in 2019. To ensure we play our part by creating more eco-friendly stands, we work alongside brand experience company, Freeman, utilising their TRIM system. This scheme allows us to create exhibition builds that are completely sustainable, ensuring reduced costs, quick and easy installation and reducing our carbon footprint by re-using stock on site. A number of our clients have had the greatest success by moving into a more sustainable build by utilising Freeman’s TRIM system, including Retail Business Technology Expo and Retail Design Expo.

To find out more on Olympia London’s programmes, see our sustainability initiative for more information.

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