What can we learn from Christmas Adverts?

What can eventprofs take from Christmas Adverts

What can we learn from Christmas Adverts?

Nov 2016

The most classic story of all time, the tale of Father Christmas, has been told for years and resonates with millions of children across the globe. But how can we apply this success to our own event campaigns? We’ve taken inspiration from the masters, who know exactly how to captivate our imaginations…

1. Sainsburys: Christmas Is For Sharing (2014)

Sainsburys have been leading the way when it comes to Christmas adverts with their 2015 ad starring Mog the Cat being the most watched on YouTube.  But with its emotional storyline, the WW1 advert deserves a special mention. It tells the true story of life in the trenches at Christmas and the truce football match that took place between British and German forces. With such beautiful and poignant content linked with the Royal British Legion partnership, the advert won the hearts of the nation. For eventprofs, incorporating sentiment into your event campaigns while supporting a worthy cause will give your event credibility as well as a platform to build strong brand loyalty.

2. John Lewis: Buster The Boxer (2016)

Almost as greatly anticipated as Christmas Day itself, the annual John Lewis festive advert is a marketing masterpiece. This year is no different as the King of Christmas takes it one step further, capitalising on the latest technologies to bring their 2 minute story of Buster The Dog to life. Visitors to the John Lewis flagship store can use virtual reality to be transported into a 360 world of Buster and the woodland creatures having fun bouncing on a trampoline. Snapchatters also had the chance to transform themselves into Buster using the John Lewis sponsored snapchat lens. By using the latest technologies the retail giant successfully pushed their content even further to reach a larger audience who may not be regular shoppers. Us eventprofs need to stay on the pulse of latest technologies, especially when they can help amplify our campaign reach.

3. Coca-Cola: Holidays Are Coming (1995 – 2016)

Christmas doesn’t start until we’ve seen the iconic red truck on our TVs. The ‘Holidays Are Coming’ advert has been the frontline festive campaign for Coca-Cola for the last 21 years but this marketing success story begins back in the 1930s when Coke launched their first Christmas campaign, depicting a jolly Santa Claus in a red coat. Little did they know that this iconic design would go down in history shaping childhood memories of Christmas for years to come. Coke understands that having a great advert is not all you need for a successful campaign in 2016. In recent years the super brand has taken the advert off screen and brought it to life as part of an experiential marketing campaign. Red trucks now tour the country each year (here’s the dates) providing real life engagement opportunities with consumers. This highlights the importance of experiential events and how we can reach new markets through immersive multi-platform campaigns.