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At Olympia London we’ve been working closely with our event organiser partners as they plan the impact of Coronavirus on their individual events. See the latest updates for each event here.

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Key event learnings from Olympia London

What we've learnt this spring

From holographic theatres to creative floorplan concepts, Olympia London is full of inspiration and innovation this season. Here's what our organisers have been up to this spring... 

Silence speaks for itself
The Audio-Visual team based at Olympia London, Blitz, have seen the take up of silent seminars increase rapidly over the last few months with events like Professional Dentistry London and International Confex showcasing the technology. In order to sell maximum floor space and avoid grumpy exhibitors who might find open PA systems distracting, headsets offer the perfect alternative. The silent seminar might not be the cheapest option, you do need a headset for every person in the audience, however it offers flexibility in spaces where ceiling heights are lower and the sound has less space to disperse. And as an added bonus, seminar spaces can be more open and inviting with branding more visible to all.

Traditional vs. contemporary
Fusing traditional media with its modern day digital cousin can be seen as a challenge in events. However this is not the case for London Book Fair. The show combined the two perfectly with the introduction of the UK Book Blog Awards. The new initiative was designed to celebrate social media influencers and their important contribution to the book industry; confirming that books and blogs go hand in hand. It is the perfect example of how to bring old and new together and celebrate literature, art and culture across all mediums.

Should Baby sit in the corner?
Whether it’s producing tunnelled walkways or placing big brands in unconventional spaces we’ve seen organisers get creative with floorplans to drive footfall around their event. By positioning the industry leaders at the edge of the show floor, Toy Fair succeeded in maximising every inch of the venue; while Ideal Home Show crafted a ‘tunnel’ experience on the gallery level, to direct visitor attention upstairs. These events showcase how to transform a large space and turn it into exclusive destinations for both exhibitors and visitors.

Seeing double
Captivating audiences wasn’t a problem at this year’s International Confex with Musion’s holographic stage. The latest event technology pushed boundaries by projecting keynote speakers around the venue seizing audience attention. Not only this, the technology can also be used across multiple locations, allowing an event to interact with a potentially global audience.

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