Is your conference cool?

Is your conference cool?

Feb 2017

One of the struggles facing organisers and agencies when growing a conference is creating an event which truly engages with a younger audience. We spoke with creative events agency, WONDER who, with clients like Google, know a thing or two about how to make conferencing ‘cool’ for the delegates of the future.

"Do your research: It seems pretty obvious, but make sure the content you create is relevant and that it resonates with your audience. Shape it around current trends and look how popular social media platforms might be incorporated to reach a wider audience.

Increase interaction opportunities: The old formats for conferencing are no longer adequate. No one wants to sit for hours listening to lengthy plenaries. Encouraging audience participation can be a great way to lift the mood, get people involved and create lasting impact.

This could be something as simple as using a live comment feed to collate audience questions to using an augmented reality tool (e.g. Google Cardboard) to visually bring concepts to life as they are discussed. Creative, break-out workshops; these could include ‘Hackathons’ to brainstorm different topics and well as more traditional workshop formats to leverage group thinking.

Experiment with layout: A conference doesn’t have to be static and linear; you can have multiple sessions running in tandem. To maintain interest and engagement look at conducting shorter sessions to keep delegates moving around the space. This can be achieved by the use of ‘zones’, themed according to different topics or activities and can be allocated through clever use of space, structures, textures, colours and branding."

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