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Is your event good enough for gold?

Is your event good enough for gold?

With award season upon us, the Association of Event Organisers reveal what makes an award winning show...


"Winning awards is great recognition for the hard work that goes into organising and staging a largescale event but developing a first class event isn’t easy. So, what are the key elements that lead to the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow?

Nurture relationships, old and new
As the saying goes, make new friends but keep the old, the new are silver but the old are gold. The investment it takes to launch a new event means that you’ll want to look at the long-term when it comes to customer relations. With all of the variables that go into making the event a success, creating an amazing customer experience should be right up there. This is where your team can deliver the most value. The best way of achieving long-term success is to create a brand experience from the outset rather than a series of sales transactions. Testimonials are powerful, so if you can get this right, you’ll be guaranteed to have your customers singing your praises which adds weight to any award entry.

Nail your colours to the mast
You’ve got a great idea. You’ve done your research and you know it will go down well with your audience. Now's the time to go for it. Delivering the same formula year after year may have worked for past events but today’s audiences want new ways of doing things. Whether that’s making the customer journey easier by using the latest technology or introducing an attention grabbing gimmick, think about what you want or need to change, set objectives and create an experience that will deliver on it.

Market the magic 
You know who your customers are, you’ve got a great idea and an engaged team so use that to your advantage. Bring the dream to life and have fun while you’re doing it. Make it fun for your teams by having internal league tables, awards and spot prizes. Communicate with your customers via channels they’re used to using whether that’s social, direct mail or email but make them feel special. Use personalisation, provide special offers or discounts and competitions to win prizes. Create mystery with teaser campaigns that will trigger FOMO (fear of missing out). By having fun with your customers, brands and teams, everyone will want to be invited to the party.

By maintaining amazing customer relations, following through with innovative ideas and creating a party atmosphere, like this year’s AEO Excellence Awards finalists, you’ll be in fantastic shape to go for gold."


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