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As one of the most iconic venues in the world we are proud to work closely with organisers ensuring each event owns a great brand identity. If you are organising an event at Olympia London please find below some tools to help you when using our branding.

The Olympia London brand guidelines
The Olympia London Logo

Our Brand

When using our brand it is important to ensure consistency and maintain the Olympia London distinctiveness and reputation. This will help visitors when planning their journey to your show.
Read our Brand Guidelines here


Our Logo

If you'd like to use our logo or branding please submit any artwork to your marketing contact for approval before it has been finalised. We will aim to sign off as quickly as possible.
Download our Logo Style Guide here.

Brand name Olympia London guidelines
Correct position of Olympia London logo

Example of Venue Name

Please ensure all marketing materials reference the venue as solely Olympia London. This does not include "Olympia" "Olympia, London" "London Olympia" or other similar references. 
See a show example of how to reference the venue here


Example of Logo Position

If you are using our logo as part of your marketing or communications materials do take a look at the logo guidelines and examples as to how to best place the Olympia London logo. 

See a show example of logo placement here

Map of Olympia London venues
Venue Images for Olympia London

Directions to the Venue

Individual space names (e.g. Olympia Grand) should only be used in wayfinding materials. Show branded maps are available to highlight specific entrances.

Contact our team for show specific maps.


Venue Images

We are proud of our heritage and architecture and know many of our organisers love it too. If you would like to use photos of the venue, download high resolution images from our website.
Download images of Olympia London here


Olympia London, not 'London Olympia'

Once contracted with Olympia London you may use our branding only in connection with your event as part of the terms of the event agreement. When referring to the venue please ensure all marketing materials refer to Olympia London and not variations such as 'Olympia', 'London's Olympia', 'London Olympia', 'The Olympia' or 'Olympia Exhibition Centre'. 

Specific space names (e.g. Olympia Grand) must only be used when providing directions or details for wayfinding within the venue otherwise Olympia London should be used for all event marketing materials. Where necessary the areas shall be referred to as:

Olympia Grand
Olympia National 
Olympia West 
Olympia Central 
Olympia Conference Centre

The standard format for displaying our address is as follows:

Show Name
Olympia London
Hammersmith Road
W14 8UX

If you have any queries our helpful marketing team are on hand to provide direction as to colours and size of the branding and where they are placed. Please contact the team on 020 7598 2779 or email marketing@olympia.london