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Olympia Destination aerial shot

A new chapter 

A £1.3bn development is well underway for Olympia Events to become part of a cultural destination in 2025.

During this development period, the venue will continue to host inspiring events. When visiting, you’ll see changes around the venue including new hoarding lines, changes to access points and construction happening in buildings nearby. Please bear with us as we evolve and please make sure you check how to access the venue and get to your event.

Getting to your event

Check out your options for getting to Olympia Events especially if you plan to drive.

Whether you are a returning visitor or a new guest, as we go through these changes, we recommend that you check where your event will be held at the venue and which entrance to use.

Building our future

There will be many new entertainment and accommodation facilities in the new Olympia destination. Also, our event spaces are getting some upgrades as part of development and they’ve already been enhanced with the latest ventilation system.
Step into our future

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