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Olympia London
How to arrive at the venue

Logistics and unloading

If you're arriving at the venue to unload or load your vehicle, we require you to book a time slot through an online vehicle booking system called Voyage Control. This will ensure the build-up and breakdown process is quicker and smoother for you. You will not be charged for this service.

Please plan your journey ahead, as failure to book in advance will result in your vehicle being turned away.
Book a slot

Plan your journey to Olympia Events

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Please review the following before making your booking:
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Date calendar iconAny vehicles needing to service an event must pre-book through Voyage Control
Metre height icon4.4 metre maximum vehicle height permitted on site
One slot on the clock iconOnly make one booking per vehicle, per day. No consecutive time slots
Icon of two different vehicles with an x throughVehicle type and registration must match your booking. Different vehicle types will be turned away
Clock iconArrive on time for your slot. Early or late entries may be refused
Loading trolley iconBe ready to fully load or unload during your booked time slot
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Additional things to consider when booking your slot:
  • Bookings will normally be available 30 days prior to event start date
  • Any vehicles unloading or loading can gain access from Hammersmith Road. There is no right turn from Kensington High Street. For more info and access details, see our loading and unloading map
  • Exhibitors should refer to their exhibitor manuals for more detailed information
  • Print your pass and display clearly in your vehicle ready for pass check by traffic staff
  • Please follow the instructions of traffic staff from Olympia Events
  • For additional parking outside of your unloading or loading time, pre-book online to secure a space. Car park spaces will be charged at the normal tariff rates
Map of Olympia Events loading and unloading access points

Site changes as we develop

Olympia Events will soon become part of a larger cultural destination. Redevelopment work is well underway while we continue to host inspiring events.
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