Olympia London: the next 130 years.

Since opening its doors in 1886, Olympia London’s stunning architecture and unique atmosphere has drawn millions of visitors from across the world. 

In 2017, our iconic venue was acquired by a consortium led by YOO Capital to realise our vision of becoming a world-class venue. 

We are delighted to share the future with you.

In the biggest investment of our history, a £700 million enhancement project will position Olympia London as an extraordinary destination for events, the creative industries and entrepreneurship. By working with world-renowned design studio Heatherwick Studio and SPPARC architects, we plan to become world-class international venue, a diverse cultural hub and a London landmark.

Following a three-year period of client and public surveys; and local residents’ consultations, we are delighted to present the plans which are now undergoing a period of public consultations. The feedback will then be incorporated into the final project to be submitted for planning permission.

We invite you to be part of this historic investment for Olympia London, the community and our capital.


What is the vision for Olympia London?


A centre for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
We want to position Olympia London for the next 130 years by forging a leading role as a centre for events, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the UK, combining our unique heritage, innovation and bespoke experiences. 
Olympia London will remain a London landmark and extend its world class offering to everyone, by introducing boutique hotels, co-working spaces and restaurants.  Inviting new spaces will come in the form of cinemas, live entertainment and open green areas while maintaining and enhancing our world renowned programme of inspirational events. 
Our mission is to secure another 130 years of business sustainability, community engagement and to support London by attracting businesses from all over the globe. 


A diverse and socially inclusive cultural hub for the entire community
Our connection with the local community is one of the pillars of our business, exercised through channels such as our Charitable Trust, which supports our local charities, and by reacting on occasions such as the Grenfell Tower disaster. 
By opening new platforms for the performing arts and entertainment, in addition to generous green spaces for all to enjoy; Olympia London will be a must-visit destination, even when no events are taking place. 
A new community space with facilities for charities operating in the performing arts is also included in the plans; and we are holding preliminary talks with community-led initiatives, such as theatre group The Chicken Shed. 


Increased green space for London
As a London landmark, we will give back to the city offering increased green spaces throughout our 14-acre site. Our vision is to open public spaces that can be enjoyed by the public and local communities, helping to make London a greater and greener city.
As guardians of an incredible heritage, we are working closely with Heatherwick Studio and SPPARC to honour and preserve Olympia London’s historic façade, in collaboration with the English Heritage and Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

We are hosting public consultations in the Upper Pillar Hall on the 14th and 16th August from 4:00pm - 8:00pm and on the 18th August from 11:00am - 3:00pm. Alternatively, view all the information available here: Public Exhibition Boards
Whether you are a visitor, local resident, business or a Londoner, we would love to share the vision with you. 


Directions to the Upper Pillar Hall

Mpa to the Pillar Hall


Share the vision: Olympia.london/sharethefuture