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IT connections

IT specialists at Olympia Events

We provide reliable connections and always aim to provide excellent service. Our dedicated eForce team of customer focused staff believe that it's all about working together with you to deliver the right solutions

We’re constantly improving our infrastructure to give you a fast, reliable connection. It’s not unusual for our engineers to install an incredible 15 kilometres of cabling for a single event.

Unlike domestic broadband, you don’t share your bandwidth with others. It’s dedicated to you ensuring the speed won’t decrease as users log on from other parts of the event. The upload and download speed of an eForce connection are the same. This means you can send and receive to and from the web faster.

Our team of experienced engineers are always available onsite for support when you need it.

You can book online where there is a wealth of support information to help you book the right solution for your plans for the upcoming event you’re attending. If you need advice or to discuss your requirements, please email or call on +44 (0)20 7598 2400

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