10 Things You Need To Know About The OM Yoga Show (But Were Afraid To Ask)

It’s yoga, but not like you’ve ever seen before .... and it’s all coming soon to a place near you: at the OM Yoga Show in London.

1. Tantra Yoga: The Yoga Of Love
Find out the secrets behind Sting and Trudie Styler’s 24-hour sex romps. Tantric Yoga - known as the Yoga of Love - mightjust re-light your fire too. Find out how to fuel the flames of passion at the OM Yoga Show

2. Boxing Yoga: Kick Ass, Gracefully
Not the most obvious of bedfellows but yoga and boxing complement each other very well. Yoga’s a great way to improve all-round flexibility, as many boxers and wrestlers are now discovering. Plus you don’t leave with a broken nose. Boxing Yoga experts will be at the OM Yoga Show to show you the ropes.

3. Dog Yoga: Man’s Best (Flexible) Friend
When Noah invited the animals on to his ark it would be nice to think he kept things nice and calm and relaxed during the flood. Dog Yoga wasn’t around then (or was it?) but it would’ve been a great to know that our four-legged friends were getting a good stretch as they waited for the rains to clear. Follow the canines into the OM Yoga Show to find out more.

4. Hot Yoga: Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot
Hot Yoga (and Bikram Yoga) is all the rage right now. Get your fix inside the OM Yoga Show courtesy of the HotPod Pop-up Inflatable Studio. Yes, that’s right: a pop-up, inflatable Hot Yoga studio. So much more than a kid’s bouncy castle in the garden, this baby’s got it’s own heating, music and lighting systems. It’ll have you shaking your booty more than a three-year-old high on jelly and ice cream.

5. Face Yoga: The All-Natural Facelift
Botox is SO last year. Stretch your face muscles to feel more vibrant and alive, with Face Yoga. Grin, grimace, smile and squeeze those wrinkles away. It’s the easiest, cheapest and most painless way to look 10-years younger.

6. High Flying Yoga: Just Hanging Around
Blending yoga and the dynamic power of acrobatics, this is for graceful gurus with guts: perform traditional yoga poses upside down in a big fabric sling hanging from the ceiling. And if you don’t fancy it yourself, it’s fascinating to watch.

7. Laughter Yoga: Any Giggle Will Do
The idea is simple: stand with a bunch of total strangers and laugh your socks off. Guided by your laugh leader, you’ll move from mere mirth to the mighty guffaw in no time at all. Yes, you may look silly, but who cares, that’s the whole point, right? Silly is desired in this game; laughter is the best medicine, after all.

8. The Young Ones: Bring The Kids
The OM Yoga Show is a great day out for all the family. Bring the little ones to the dedicated Children’s Area and get them to experience (for free) all the wonderful benefits of yoga. From babies, right through to tots and teens. Watch them chill out before your very eyes with the aid of expert yoga and meditation instructors.

9. Temple of OM: Music For The Soul
No, not another swashbuckling Indiana Jones adventure. The Temple of OM is a place to celebrate yoga’s more mystical, spiritual side. Tune in to the soothing sounds of some of the yoga world’s finest musical talents here and bliss out ahead of the journey home.

And finally...

10. Guinness World Record Attempt: 600 Feet In The Air
At this year’s show there will be a world record attempt: to get the most people ever standing on their heads simultaneously. We are recruiting 300 yogis (that’s 600 feet up in the air) for a fun, challenge that (with any luck) will go down in the history books. And it’s all for charity.


For more information, please contact Hannah Irons on 01787 224040 or email Hannah@primeimpact.co.uk