Adventure Planning Seminars at the Adventure Travel Show 2014

Thinking of undertaking the ultimate travel challenge of a self-supported trip? New for 2014 is the Adventure Planning Seminar - plan your own adventure with the help of a panel of world-renowned expedition planners.

Thinking of a self-supported trip of lifetime or the ultimate travel challenge? Planning to drive a black cab around the world to raise funds for charity or to break a world record to cycle as far as you can in 7 days? Or maybe you came up with a mad plan in the pub for an epic expedition and now have to follow it through…

Whilst there is an excellent array of organised adventure travel tours available, more and more people are now planning their own personal adventures. Whether it be by vehicle, motorbike, cycle, horseback, walking etc… these often include travelling on your own or as a couple / small group.

This specialist seminar, taking place at The Adventure Travel Show 2014 at Olympia London, is aimed at people who want to gain a better understanding about creating their own adventure, including the challenges and pitfalls that might be encountered and how to best deal with them. How do you prepare for such a trip? What questions should you be asking yourself? How do you get the most out of the experience once on the trip? An expert panel of world renowned expedition planners with years of on-ground experience in many different and varied forms of travel will offer guidance on preparation and logistics to ensure you get the most out of a self-organised adventure.

Duncan Milligan
Duncan Milligan has driven a commercial overland truck through South America, Africa, India, China and Central Asia on some of the most dangerous roads across the world. Breaking down in all manner of deserts, mountains and jungles, he was also arrested in Bamako and propositioned by a 6'6 transvestite in Cusco – so he’s experienced quite a bit on his travels! The founder of Tour de Force-Adventure Logistics, Duncan helps people have their own adventures including taking a flying car to Tomboctou and 100 classic cars from Beijing to Paris.

Tom Freemantle
After working as a journalist in both the UK and Hong Kong, Tom Freemantle rode a bicycle 12,500 miles between England and Australia in the late 1990s and published a book about his experience, Johnny Ginger's Last Ride. After getting the expedition bug, he then walked between Mexico and New York with a pack-mule and paddled a canoe down the River Nigel in West Africa. Recently he has worked for Fundacion Comunitaria de la Frontera Norte in Ciudad Juárez in Mexico, helping keep young people out of drug gangs. He also completed a 1000 mile fundraising walk to Tijuana with a street dog.

Austin Vince
Austin Vince embarked on his first solo overland journey - from London to Delhi - aged 18. He is now one of the most respected overland adventurers, known for his long distance motorbike expeditions. Formerly a train spotting maths teacher, he's made his name as the man who created the cult travel show Mondo Enduro and the recreational hitch-hiking TV series Roadside USA. As well as curating the Adventure Travel Film Festival, he masterminds Europe's leading dirtbike map-reading events in the Catalan Pyrenees. He has just finished editing his new film, Mondo Shara, an all action, Anglo American desert adventure which was released in October 2013. His aim is to promote and encourage folks to embark on low budget DIY adventures.

There will be 4 seminar sessions throughout The Adventure Travel Show, each following the same structure - please see for more details. Seminar tickets are £50 in advance and seminars are limited to 25 people per session.