Listed Property Show increases free access to conservation specialists in response to falling numbers of experts within local authorities

Historic England recently released figures showing that the number of conservation officers in local authorities has fallen for yet another year. It’s been on a decline for many years, falling 36% since 2006. 

In the wake of this worrying announcement, The Listed Property Owners’ Club (LPOC) has decided to increase the number of independent conservation officers and conservation experts at their national event in Olympia London, The Listed Property Show, in a bid to support owners and provide much needed access to these specialists. This team will be led by Peter Bell, in-house Conservation Advisor at LPOC, and will provide owners and potential owners the opportunity to receive independent and impartial advice on their issues, plans and ideas – all for FREE.

What does the decline in conservation specialists mean for listed building owners?

The continued fall in conservation officers in local authorities has meant that owners have less experts to turn to for help and advice, and in turn the time these officers have is limited. Due to strained resources a number of local authorities are now also charging a fee each time an owner wants to speak to a conservation officer – this fee can be as much as £400! It is worth noting that listed building owners are trying to do right by their homes by seeking advice before making necessary changes to their properties – there are strict laws in place to deter unauthorised works that could be damaging to the fabric of a listed building. The process of obtaining listed building consent can be daunting; owners looking to follow procedures set in place by the Government are left not knowing where to turn, and local authority help is dwindling.

LPOC’s commitment to empowering listed building owners and potential owners means providing them with the chance to have these important one-to-one conversations is top of the agenda for the 2018 show. More independent conservation officers on hand, combined with a dedicated programme of talks and over 150 of the country’s leading suppliers and products for listed buildings, means the 2018 Listed Property Show is not to be missed. It is a vital resource for all listed property owners. 

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The Listed Property Show, Olympia London, 24-25 February 2018


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Ask our Expert – Peter Bell BA, MA (bldg. cons.) PDD (bldg. cons.) IHBC
LPOC in-house Conservation Advisor
After working in an architectural practice, Peter’s first appointment as conservation officer was in 1987. He served in one of the most active conservation teams in the City of Canterbury in the 1990s before being appointed Design and Conservation Manager in North Kent. He has been LPOC’s in house Conservation Advisor for 12 years where on a daily basis he helps members with technical enquiries, also drawing on his own experience a listed building owner, and the hundreds of owners he has helped over the years. 

Peter is available for expert comment and to provide advice to your readers on all aspects of building conservation repair, maintenance, alteration and planning, as well as unauthorised works by previous owners. 

The Listed Property Show 
The Listed Property Show, organised by the Listed Property Owners Club, is at Olympia London for the 12th year on 24-25 February 2018. Meet with the biggest collection of listed building suppliers and specialists, across one weekend under one roof. Whether you are buying, renovating or conserving a listed building, The Listed Property Show will have everything you need. You can find out more in one weekend than you can through months of personal research!

Tickets to the show are £10 in advance and £15 on the door. Entry is free for LPOC members. There is no additional charge for the one-to-one consultations with conservation advisors or the show talks, and they operate on a first come first served basis. For more information please visit

About The Listed Property Owners’ Club
Established in 1993, The Listed Property Owners’ Club was created specifically to provide the owners of Britain’s protected buildings with information and advice on the maintenance, responsibilities and obligations of ownership. Additionally it provides a voice in Parliament to represent the views of its members. Members benefit from a bi-monthly magazine, a dedicated telephone helpline where you can speak to experts on conservation, VAT, law, planning, and insurance, plus the Suppliers Directory of professionals, builders and tradesmen, which is the first port of call for many listed building owners across the country. 

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