Olympia London launches sustainability reports service

Olympia London has issued sustainability reports for two UBM Live events, eCommerce Expo and Customer Contact Expo, as part of its brand new service for organisers. The service is designed to assist organisers in achieving their own sustainability targets and certification and forms Olympia London’s pioneering work in improving sustainability across the industry.

The reports provided the organiser with a complete breakdown of gas, electricity and water usage, waste and recycling. All of this information was then used to calculate greenhouse gas emissions. Also included were conversion factors in order to calculate possible fluctuations in the exact emissions figures. And, as the same events will be at Olympia London next year, the venue will be able to provide year-on-year comparisons and analysis of any new sustainability measures added.

Data from Olympia London’s new online vehicle booking system, such as time and distance taken to reach the venue, was also included giving a holistic report that takes in financial as well as environmental factors.

Siân Richards, acting Sustainability Advisor, Olympia London said: “We’re delighted to launch our sustainability reports service for events with the first reports issued for Customer Contact Expo and eCommerce Expo for UBM Live. As an industry leader in the field of sustainability, Olympia believes this studied and committed approach to reporting for each event as a complimentary service is something the industry lacks and needs. We’re now keen to work with more organisers – anyone who wishes to receive a sustainability report for their event should let their event manager know.”

Allison Ozero, Sustainability Manager at UBM Live, said: “Olympia London’s sustainability reporting forms a significant part of our own monitoring and measuring requirements, which are necessary for us to understand our impact and work towards continual improvement.  As this information is imperative in order to help us measure the impact of our event, the added value of Olympia providing this report ensures consistency in data capture and increased efficiency.”

Allison also praised Olympia London’s proactive approach towards sustainability. She said: “The responsiveness from Olympia London is unique. It is often difficult to get the correct information from venues, whereas with Olympia London the standard of information they provide is very high in comparison and any questions are responded to quickly.”

The events reporting service follows the launch of two industry leading sustainability initiatives, the vehicle booking and sharing platforms. These have improved business efficiency as well as helped to minimise impact on the local environment.

Olympia London continually re-evaluates its systems and technologies to ensure sustainability is integral to business development.  Recent work includes installation of LED lights at Olympia Grand, Olympia National and Olympia Conference Centre, estimated to save upwards of twenty tonnes of carbon emissions each year. Olympia London was also re-certified with the ISO20121 this November.

Notes to editors

Olympia London and sustainability

Olympia London is committed to demonstrating leadership within the industry in all areas and in particular within the field of sustainable development of events. By setting key objectives, including assessment of sustainability opportunities presented by hosting events and engaging with stakeholders and suppliers on issues of sustainability, Olympia London makes sustainability an integral part of business development. Olympia London was the first venue to attain certification to the sustainable event management system, BS8901 and contributed to the formation of the new ISO20121 international version. In summer 2014, Olympia London pledged support for the Cleaner Air for London campaign in association with the Royal Borough for Kensington and Chelsea, Defra and NHS Kensington and Chelsea.

UBM Live and sustainability

UBM Live is third-party certified with the ISO 20121 certification, the international standard for sustainable event management, for nine of its brands including CPhI Worldwide, Fi Europe and Hi Europe & Ni, Ecobuild, Resource, MEDTEC Europe & SUDTEC, Protection & Management Series, Internet World, Customer Contact Expo and eCommerce Expo. UBM Live is one of the first global event organisers of its size to have successfully implemented and certified their sustainable event management system against ISO 20121. The ISO 20121 Standard focuses on management commitment and leadership, as well as stakeholder engagement for all aspects of sustainability. UBM Live has shown leadership in these areas and a continuing dedication to reduce the environmental impact of the events while increasing the positive impact on communities in which the business operates. 

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For further information please contact:
Sandra Porto, Communications Manager, Olympia London
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