Olympia London launches vehicle share service

Olympia London is making its mark in the events industry as a sustainable transport leader, with the launch of a second service to complement its new online vehicle booking system. The online vehicle share platform is a contemporary solution for today’s sharing economy set to significantly reduce the cost of freight transport for exhibitors.

The service works by taking data from exhibitors already using the vehicle booking system – including their start and end journeys and how much space they have to offer or need – and then calculating vehicle share options for the user. With exhibitors traveling an average distance of 119km per journey to and from Olympia London (or two hours driving), the system frees up valuable time. It also reduces costs – exhibitors could save up to 20% of freight costs using the service.

Created by Voyage Control in collaboration with Olympia London’s sustainability advisors, the new system is an evolution of the existing online vehicle booking platform, which allows users to book time slots in advance. Analysing data from these vehicles, the team found that two out of every six journeys to or from the venue had the same point of origin/destination. After establishing interest from existing users, they created a simple platform which is integrated into the existing vehicle booking site.

Ian Wainwright, Head of Freight and Fleet Programmes at Transport for London, said: "It is great to see innovative ideas like this consolidation system. Streamlining deliveries and collections at Olympia London will help reduce unnecessary freight journeys into central London, cutting congestion for all road users and saving businesses money. By working together Olympia London’s clients will also improve air quality for all Londoners and help meet the Mayor's Cleaner Air for London targets."

Siân Richards, acting Sustainability Advisor, Olympia London added: “The system works well for Olympia London – our large number of shows means it is very feasible for a freight company to deliver items for the build-up of one show and then pick up from a show that is breaking down. The data we have for each vehicle’s start and end journey allows us to offer carbon impact statements as an added service.”

James Swanston, founder of Voyage Control said: “The vehicle share service will make the experience for exhibitors not only efficient, but sustainable - maintaining efficiency and minimising impact on the environment, even in the venue’s peak times. We’re excited to see how it will improve the exhibitor experience and to see how it will encourage businesses to work collaboratively."

Notes to editors

Olympia London – sustainability policy

Olympia London is committed to sustainability as an integral part of business development. It achieves this by setting key objectives including assessment of sustainability opportunities presented by hosting events and engaging with stakeholders and suppliers on issues of sustainability. The venue was the first venue to attain certification to the sustainable event management system, BS8901 and contributed to the formation of the new ISO20121 international version. In summer 2014, Olympia London pledged support for the Cleaner Air for London campaign in association with the Royal Borough for Kensington and Chelsea, Defra and NHS Kensington and Chelsea.

About Voyage Control

Voyage Control, based in TechCity in East London, is a technology business focused on making transport more efficient. The company won the City of London's Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2014 and its transport solutions has been recognised by the Rockefeller Foundation.