Olympia International Art and Antiques Fair, HOUSE and Spirit of Summer

Olympia International Art and Antiques Fair, HOUSE and Spirit of Summer were co-located for the first time in Summer 2015; HOUSE being a brand new show from Clarion Events. A robust vehicle management plan was needed to facilitate 686 vehicles arriving during a single day of build-up (or, one vehicle every two minutes). 

Over 30,000 valuable antiques and luxury items were dispatched and collected efficiently, as well as hundreds of shell schemes and stands for three co-locating Clarion Events shows, thanks to Olympia London’s unique online vehicle booking system. The tool accessed at olympia.london/traffic enabled Clarion Events, together with Olympia London’s traffic team, to control and monitor all vehicles arriving at the venue.

By booking half to two hour slots (based on vehicle size) in advance online, contractors and exhibitors were able to maximise their time on arrival and when exiting. The service also benefits from integration with portering, so there was no need to make two separate bookings as contractors could commence offloading immediately.

Laura Cole, operations manager for Clarion Events said the system was essential to the shows’ success: “The system helps tremendously. It’s really useful for us to be able to download a report and identify how many exhibitors are due onto site. It enables effective management of all vehicles on site and I would definitely recommend other organisers promote it to their exhibitors and contractors.”

The traffic team, winners of the 2015 AEO Excellence Award for Best Team at a Venue, are responsible for tailoring the back office functions of the service specifically for the event. For Olympia International Art and Antiques Fair, HOUSE and Spirit of Summer, flow and timings of all vehicles was set beforehand as well as which of the venue's four zones the vehicles would be allotted. 

“The traffic team at Olympia London are great, they work with us and communicate any foreseeable issues in advance,” said Cole.

Breakdown was also effectively managed in the same way, with drivers booking collection times online.

Failure to book may cause delays in getting to and away from the venue. Drivers are also advised to book early to get their preferred time slots.

Book your delivery/ collection time at olympia.london/traffic