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Olympia London Royal Naval Military Tournament.
Olympia London 1909
Olympia London has enjoyed a colourful history since opening its doors to the public on 26th December 1886. Join us on a story of how we have emerged to become a hub of industry innovation and inspiration. 


Olympia London hosts the first ever Ideal Home Show.


The British Industries Fair is held at Olympia London and Earls Court. Two years later, we hosted The National Poultry Show, with proceeds going to the Force's Help Society and The Animal Health Trust.


Cruft’s Dog Show is held at Olympia London in the February. Jimi Hendrix, The Animals and a young Pink Floyd take to Olympia London to end the year off in December.


£20m investment starts with the new Olympia West, providing two floors of 4000sqm each.
  • ASM Global managing Olympia London


    ASM Global appointed to manage Olympia London by its owners, retaining the venue team, and building for the venue’s future at the heart of a cultural destination.

Today, we're building our next chapter

As we continue to host inspiring events, Olympia London is being redeveloped to become part of a bigger visitor destination.
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