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Parking FAQs

Do I have to pre-book car parking?

Not necessarily. Firstly, we strongly advise travelling to Olympia London by public transport but, if you have to drive, and are staying for the whole day, it is always better to pre-book. This is due to the limited car parking available. A small number of bays will be reserved for visitors just wishing to turn up on the day without pre-booking.

Can I pre-book on the day I arrive?

No. Unfortunately we can't book you into the car park on the day you arrive. You would have to take a ticket on entry and pay the standard rates.

Why should I pre-book?

  • To guarantee a space in the selected car park for the date(s) chosen
  • It's considerably cheaper than turning up on the day and staying for a full day
  • It simply gives you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy your day

When can I make a booking online?

Online bookings must be made before 22:00 on the day before the first parking date. Telephone bookings are no longer avaliable at Olympia London.

Once I have pre-booked my car parking how do I gain access to the car park? Will a ticket be posted to me?

Olympia operates a pre-booking number plate recognition system. At the time of booking you will be required to submit your vehicle registration number for your pre booked vehicle. Your booking will be confirmed after payment. Then, on the day, simply drive to relevant car park entry barrier where your pre booked vehicle number plate will automatically be read by the number plate recognition cameras. Once your vehicle has been recognised you will be issued a parking ticket with the words ‘Pre-booked’ clearly printed on it. You will need to ensure that you retain this ticket as you will be required to put it in the exit barrier at the time of exiting.

Please note! Failure to arrive in the correct vehicle with which you have pre-booked for, in the correct car park, on the correct dates and failure to retain the pre-booked ticket issued at the car park entry, will result in another charge being debited. As stated in the terms and conditions this charge will not be refunded.

We also strongly recommend that you bring a print out of your booking confirmation in case of any problems.

What do I do if the number plate recognition cameras cannot read my pre-booked vehicles number plate?

In this instance the entry barrier will still issue you a standard parking ticket, without the wording ‘pre booked’ printed on it. Please take this ticket to the pay station, along with your pre booking details where the car park operative will check the validity of your booking. If you have arrived in the correct vehicle, parked in the correct car park and on the correct dates the car park operative will issue you an exit ticket as the camera has had difficulty reading your number plate.

What if I cannot bring the vehicle that I pre-booked for?

Amendments to your booking can be made online and this includes changing the vehicle registration. Please note that online amendments must be made before 6pm on the day before the start of the booking.

What time do the car parks open?

They open at 07:00hrs Monday - Saturday, and 08:00hrs on Sunday. Closing times vary dependent on the timings of the events. In general, during open and pull out days, the car parks will close at 22:00hrs, or up to an hour after the event has finished.

Can I leave my car overnight?

Yes. Olympia London's car parks are patrolled; have CCTV coverage and are approved by Park Mark Scheme. Ultimately though, you do leave your vehicle at your own risk.

Please note: If you pre-book your parking and leave the vehicle overnight, you will be charged from 07:00hrs on the following day, at the normal parking tariff.

Are there discounts available for students, OAPs or registered disabled badge holders?

Olympia London's parking tariff is applicable to all visitors and unfortunately no discounts are available.

Are disabled parking facilities available?

Please inform car parking staff on arrival if you require a disabled space.

The Multi-Storey Car Park (P3) at Olympia has disabled parking facilities.

Payment can be made by credit card, or cash, at the permit machine and all disabled parking is charged at the standard rates.

Am I entitled to free or discounted parking as an exhibitor or contractor?

No, but you can get a discount by pre-booking to park for 10 hours or more. However, you will not be charged for loading and unloading in the designated areas.

On arrival, exhibitors and contractors will be directed straight to the designated loading and unloading areas by marshalling staff.  Any parking that is required in addition to the loading or unloading time will be charged at the normal rates.

Why can I not select the car park or dates that I require?

The booking system selects the car park according to vehicle type.

For example, a lorry for an Olympia London event will automatically be booked the flat surface Motorail Car Park (P4) because there's no height restriction.

Similarly, a car would likely be put into Olympia's Multi-Storey Car Park, because the car is under two metres high.

How do I make a cancellation or amend an existing booking?

Please access your booking online at www.olympia.co.uk to cancel or amend a booking.

Please note: The cancellations and amendments are subject to administration charges must be made within the appropriate time frames. For more details please read the car park pre-booking terms and conditions.