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Supply Chain Policy

Olympia Limited, Olympia Management Services Limited and Olympia Car Park Limited Olympia Car Park Limited Olympia Estate Services Limited (“Olympia London”) operates an exhibition and conference centre with car parking facilities at Olympia London, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London W14 8UX. Since 1 May 2022, Olympia London also forms part of the European Region of ASM Global (comprising AEG Facilities (UK) Limited, SMG Europe Holdings Limited, SMG (UK) Limited and associated companies). ASM Global is one of Europe’s largest venue management operators with over 2,800 full and part time employees.

Olympia London recognises the wide range of potential environmental, social and ethical consequences arising from the products and services purchased by the Company. We recognise that how we source the products and services required in connection with the management and operation of our venue impacts on our suppliers, their employees and the environment in which they operate. The key objectives of our Supply Chain Policy are to:

  • Work in partnership with suppliers of goods and services to understand and help implement appropriate environmental, ethical and health and safety standards.
  • Work with our suppliers to reduce the social and environmental impact when procuring goods and services in the development, management and operation of our venue.
  • Work with our suppliers to reduce the risk of modern slavery occurring when procuring goods and services.
We will do this by:
  • Seeking to reduce the supply chain impact of our business through this policy and in line with our Health and Safety and Sustainable Development Policy.
  • Identifying the environmental/social/ethical issues, in line with best value and our Sustainable Development Policy, associated with the main products and services we procure.
  • Requiring our direct suppliers to meet all relevant legal, environmental, health & safety and employment requirements.
  • Continuing to work toward the development of minimum environmental, social and ethical standards by which to assess our suppliers and provide appropriate guidance to inform the procurement process.
  • Sharing information on the steps we are taking to avoid incidences of slavery and human trafficking in our own operations and in our supply chain through Olympia London’s Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.
  • Using products that are produced in safe working conditions which do not involve slavery, child labour, human trafficking, the exploitation of workers or forced labour. 
  • Regularly liaising and communicating with our key suppliers to understand how the performance of products and services can be improved and providing our support as appropriate by undertaking appropriate risk assessments.
  • Working with suppliers to help deliver local community initiatives.
  • Continuing to use local suppliers and contractors where appropriate.
  • Paying our suppliers and contractors promptly according to contracted terms.
  • Continuing to identify and purchase sustainable or ethical alternatives where appropriate, taking account of the product's entire lifecycle and making use of environmental and ethical labels to guide product specification.
  • Conducting regular reviews of our management systems and key suppliers, for the ongoing management and operation of our venue, providing support where appropriate.
  • Promoting awareness of our Supply Chain Policy to our staff responsible for procurement and wider employees through internal communications.

Changes to policy

This policy was last updated November 2022.  Olympia London reserves the right to change the policy at any time.