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The Earls Court & Olympia Charitable Trust

Our trustees play a vital role in making sure the Olympia Charitable Trust achieves its core purpose.

We are looking for 2 people willing to bring energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the role, and who will broaden the diversity of thinking on our board.

Trustees have a collective responsibility in relation to funding applications and will act as a group and not as individuals.

Term of Office, Charity Membership, Voluntary Role

Trustees will be appointed for an initial term of office of 1 year and will also be members of the charity.  This is a voluntary role but approved reasonable expenses will be reimbursed.

Commitment and Location

Attending Trustee meetings which are currently held once every quarter.  Meetings are held remotely and when agreed, in person at the Olympia offices in Hammersmith, London.

Meetings mostly occur during office hours but are generally limited to one hour.

In addition, there will be times, where there is a time sensitive cause, when funding applications are received and circulated for consideration outside trustee meetings. In such circumstances, trustees should be available to respond by email and to attend any related call should the need arise.

About the Olympia Charitable Trust

The Olympia Charitable Trust was set up in 2002 as the charitable arm of the Olympia exhibition venue. The principal objectives of the Olympia Charitable Trust are to provide for the following in any area, but in particular in the London boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea:

•    the relief of persons in need, hardship, sickness or distress
•    the furtherance of education
•    the provision in the interests of social welfare of recreational facilities
•    the promotion of the public benefit of urban or rural regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation
•    the relief of unemployment for the public benefit and provision of training, especially among unemployed people
•    the protection or conservation for the public benefit of the environment

Practical relief is provided in the form of grants made to individuals and institutions whose needs fall within those categories covered by the Olympia Charitable Trust’s objectives.

Background information

Olympia London first opened its doors for events in 1886 and is now undergoing a phenomenal transformation. In 2025, the Olympia estate will relaunch with a new performing arts school, theatre, music venue, a wide range of food and drink outlets, state of art office space and great public spaces. Olympia London remains at the heart of all the new elements and continues to be open to host inspiring events while the estate is developed in the build-up to 2025.  

As Olympia grows into one of London’s biggest and brightest visitor destinations for culture, creativity and entertainment, the Olympia Charitable Trust’s ambitions are also growing. We’re looking for candidates who can support us through this transition, ensuring that the community around Olympia continues to benefit from the venue and wider estate, and that the remit and reach of the Olympia Charitable Trust continue to grow.

Nomination and appointment

Trustees will be appointed by election and their nomination will need to be supported by the Founder Members of the Olympia Charitable Trust.

The existing trustees will conduct a review of all the candidates to help decide which applicants should be considered for nomination following the application deadline.
There will be an induction for new trustees to help you understand your role and our business.

What will you be doing?

Key tasks:

•    Contribute actively to the Board’s role in assessing applications for funding and communicating with applicants as required.

•    Attend Trustee meetings, adequately prepared to contribute to discussions and participate in email reviews of applications where necessary.

•    Contribute to the broader promotion of the Olympia Charitable Trust’s objectives, aims and reputation by applying your skills, expertise, knowledge and contacts.

•    Use independent judgement, acting legally and in good faith to promote and protect the Olympia Charitable Trust’s interests, to the exclusion of your own personal and/or any third party interests.

•    Represent the Olympia Charitable Trust at functions and meetings as appropriate.

•    Support and promote the Olympia Charitable Trust and it’s vision, activities and goals.

•    Abide by the constitution of the Olympia Charitable Trust and all relevant policies and procedures.

Who are we looking for?

Person specification:

•    A commitment to the principal objects of the Olympia Charitable Trust.

•    A willingness and ability to understand and accept your responsibilities and liabilities as a trustee and to act in the best interests of the Olympia Charitable Trust.

•    An ability to communicate effectively, display, good, independent judgement and participate actively in discussion.

•    Skills in analysing proposals and understanding their financial consequences.

•    A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to trustee duties.

•    An ability to promote the work of the Olympia Charitable Trust and represent the Olympia Charitable Trust’s values.

•    A good understanding of Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea through living, working or voluntary and community work in these two boroughs.

•    An ability to manage one’s own actual or potential conflicts of interest.

Application process and questions

To apply, please send a copy of your CV and a cover letter outlining your suitability for the role and ideas for the Olympia Charitable Trust to: the Company Secretary, The Earls Court & Olympia Charitable Trust, by email:

Feel free to call Tosin Adewumi, Head of Community Engagement on 0207 598 2555 or 07880 174769 for an informal chat. Her working days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Deadline for Applications: 21 February 2024.