Pergola Olympia London

Pergola Olympia London is an exquisite rooftop experience offering city skylines, three restaurants, drinks, music and fun.

Come drink, dine and escape the city below with delicious food and drink high-up on our historic venue. Just like their flagship concept Pergola on the Roof, they will be offering you all the ‘Perks of Pergs’ wrapped up in a botanical haven and under the iconic Pergola name. From seafood to pizza and bubbles to beer, there's something for everyone.

Are you looking for post-event cocktails or somewhere to celebrate? Pergola Olympia London has got you covered, taking bookings up to 199 people. Even better, they are offering everyone a free glass of Processo Punch when you sign up to their newsletter.

Pick from one of three independent restaurants to dine from, including crustaceous eatery CLAW, burger kings Patty&Bun, or pizza perfectionists Passo, grab a bespoke cocktail from the bar, and nestle in amongst the lush green foliage to enjoy.