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Blythe House near Olympia London

Blythe House

Blythe House is an incredibly grand building housing a number of museums' archives, and is located just behind Olympia London. 

This domineering edifice was originally built to house the Post Office Savings Bank. It features Edwardian Baroque red brick and Portland Stone dressing, much like Olympia London's Pillar Hall. Grade II listed since 2004, it's well worth walking by just to marvel at the building's architecture alone.

However you may have another reason to visit Blythe House. In 1963 the bank moved to Glasgow and the Government purchased it to provide a storage facility for museums and galleries.

Blythe House is presently used by the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), the Science Museum and the British Museum and it's through these institutions that you can book a visit. 

The Victoria & Albert Museum holds an archive of art and design; the Beatrix Potter collections, an institution and a theatre and performance archive. Material is available for consultation in the Archive and Library Study Room and access is by appointment only.

More than 170,000 objects from the Science Museum are also stored in Blythe House. They describe it wonderfully... 'With the buildings blacked out to help preserve the objects, the building is now a dark and brooding space filled floor to ceiling with thousands of weird and wonderful things that most people will never see.'

Lastly, if you've ever seen Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011), or Minder (1979-1994) you will see Blythe House featuring heavily. It's also been a location for Thor 2 and Peter Pan.


Blythe House with Olympia Grand in the background.