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The National Gallery is one of the largest art museums in London near Olympia London

The National Gallery

Located in Trafalgar Square, a short journey away from Olympia London, the National Gallery houses a collection of Western European paintings from the 13th to the 19th centuries.

In a spectacular building which was built in 1831, the gallery houses over 2,300 paintings from altarpieces to the Impressionists and there is something for everyone.

Offering mini tours which last an hour if you are short of time, are led by gallery lecturers and give a general overview of the collection free of charge. If you are wanting a more in depth look at specific collections, the gallery offers to take its guests from a journey to Italy to northern europe, showcasing examples of high renaissance art by its masters, Leonardo, Raphael and Titan. 10 minute tours, lunchtime talks, as well as ‘One Masterpiece at a time’, are all available daily free of charge, and also cater to international visitors.
If you’re feeling hungry or need a coffee break, the gallery has a selection of award winning eateries, including a private dining room, with a range of food that satisfies those of all ages.

The National Gallery promises for an enjoyable and informative experience, and is easily reached from Olympia London, it is an essential destination if you are visiting the capital.
The stunning permanent collection at the National Gallery, close to Olympia London.
The entrance atrium of the National Gallery near Olympia London's venues.