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Palestine Expo

Palestine Expo

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Palestine Expo brings people together to celebrate Palestine.

Palestine Expo is a unique experience, which proudly celebrates Palestinian art, history and culture. Palestine Expo combines the use of traditional forms of education with cutting edge technology to raise awareness about Palestine. Listen to over 50 renowned and specialist speakers discussing more than 40 topics on Palestine. Key show features include:

Kid’s Village 
Fun and engaging activities teaching children about Palestine:
Theatre: Bringing back the popular Prophets in Palestine storytelling, it’s bigger and better. 

Culture and Heritage
Learn the rich culture and heritage of Palestine and its people:
Live kunafe display: Watch how the popular cheese dessert is made – it will leave your mouth watering
Interactive Installations: Learn how the occupation impacts daily life through ten exclusively built interactive pieces
BDS: Have a go at knocking down apartheid in a game of BDS bowling.
Education: what obstacles will you face on your journey to school? Walk towards the oversized book to find out. 

Tech Hub
You’ll be left amazed in the most high-tech area of the event:
Virtual Graffiti: Hold a virtual spray can and graffiti your message of freedom across the apartheid wall. 
Virtual reality: Head to Jerusalem as you walk through the Al-Aqsa mosque.

Art Gallery
View exhibits of Palestinian artists on history, culture and politics: 
Banned items: Look inside the back of a lorry to see what everyday items are banned from entering Gaza, due to the siege imposed by Israel.
Gallery: View pieces from Palestinian artists on specially made exhibits.



Palestine Expo

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