Tesco Wine Fair

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Olympia Central will host the Tesco Wine Fair; the most exciting way to learn about wine.

There is no better way to learn about wine than to taste it; come and see for yourself at this year's Tesco Wine Fair with over 300 wines from more than 14 countries.

Enjoy fun and diverse workshops with leading winemakers and experts including Tesco's very own wine team and join a Wine Walk around the Fair to taste wines specific to you. The tours are led by top connoisseurs including Joe Wadsack who has appeared on BBC's 'Food and Drink: Series 3'.

Plus, why not try a truly immersive experience through the show's Sensation Pods and learn more about the grapes you love. It's a unique chance to challenge your senses and bring to life key varietals and wine styles.

Tesco Wine Fair is back at Olympia London

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