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Make your event a great success

Olympia London’s award-winning Marketing and Communications Team are on hand to give you the marketing support you need to make your event a great success.

Let’s get together early on so we can understand your objectives. From there we can create a bespoke plan of promotional activity to complement your marketing. 

What we offer:

What we need from you:

We can’t wait to start working together to support your event’s marketing plans. Here’s a few things we’ll need from you:

  1. Any details of your objectives and target audiences that you can share.
  2. Marketing copy or key information that we can use to promote the event.
  3. For ticketed events, please tell us if we can promote any ticket offers or competitions to help drive your ticket sales.
  4. Please share any images with us that you wish us to use to promote your event. Please ensure all images are licenced in a way that allows us to use them in our marketing and communication channels, or those of our partners.
  5. If any images need to be credited to the copyright owner for PR and editorial use, please provide details.
  6. Include the Olympia London logo in your event’s website, advertising and marketing communications and share them with us so we can check our brand is being used correctly. Please also include the following link on your event website:
  7. When using our name online or in print, please ensure you refer to us as ‘Olympia London’ and not any other variations.
  8. Sometimes we take photos and video footage at events that could feature anyone visiting or working on your event. Please confirm that you are happy for us to use such photos and video footage of your event in Olympia London’s communications and marketing activity during and after the event.

For any questions, please get in touch with our Marketing and Communications Team at