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Olympia London has enjoyed a colourful history since opening its doors to the public on 26th December 1886. Join us on a journey through 130 years...



Architect Henry Edward Coe’s elevation of Olympia London, showing the 170ft clear span of the roof. 

1886 Henry Edward Coe


Olympia London's inaugural event, the ‘Paris Hippodrome’.

Olympia London Paris hippodrome


The First Great Horse Show, later to become Olympia, The London International Horse Show.

International London Horse Show 1886/7


Olympia London hosts the first Ideal Home Show.

First Ideal Home Show


The Cycle and Motor Cycle Show is held at Olympia London.

Cycle and Motor Show 1919.jpg


The New Hall was built (now known as Olympia National). The architect was Joseph Emberton who went on to design...


The Empire Hall (now known as Olympia Central). The building was configured much like a department store, and Emberton later designed Simpson's in Piccadilly.

Olympia London Empire Hall


The British Industries Fair is held at Olympia London and Earls Court.


The National Poultry Show is held at Olympia London with proceeds going to the Force's Help Society and The Animal Health Trust.


Olympia London hosted the first boat show in the then named Empire Hall.

Boat Show 1954


The cover of an event listing leaflet, illustrating Olympia London's long affiliation with art and design.


Olympia London hosted the first computer exhibition. The British Electronic Computer Exhibition opened on 28 November in the National Hall.

Electronic Computer Exhibition


Jimi Hendrix, The Animals and a young Pink Floyd play Olympia London. The Who cancelled.


Cruft’s Dog Show held at Olympia London.


Property tycoon Jeffrey Sterling, having bought Earls Court, then successfully bid £11.4 million for Olympia London in March 1973, thereby sewing the seeds of EC&O Venues.

Jeffrey Sterling


Empire Hall relaunched as Olympia Two.


The Olympia London Conference Centre built with dedicated entrance, auditorium and meeting rooms for up to 450 delegates.

Olympia London Conference Centre


£20m investment starts with the new Olympia West, providing two floors of 4000sqm each.


Olympia London celebrates 125 years with specially commissioned works of art. The first was by Rob Ryan, who highlighted the ornate barrel roof and referenced the first event to take place at Olympia London; the Hippodrome Circus in 1886.

125 years of Olympia London


This piece by Peter Blake used archive material from Olympia London show catalogues, posters and adverts.

125 years of Olympia London


Sanna Annukka's work was inspired by venue's location in the heart of London, and its status as an iconic landmark.

125 years of Olympia London


The £30m redevelopment of the venues culminated in a completely rennovated Olympia Central and Olympia Conference Centre. The business rebranded as Olympia London.


Olympia London is purchased by a consortium of investors, led by Deutsche Finance and Yoo Capital. Inspired by the venue’s history and original purpose, their vision for the space will see Olympia London transformed into a world-leading arts, events entertainment and experiential district; to be enjoyed for the next 130 years and beyond…

The next 130 years of Olympia London