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Olympia Square
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A 24 hour experience to attract event visitors and exhibitors worldwide

With a whole host of entertainment, accommodation and eateries to explore, the destination offers endless opportunities for everyone to work, connect, refuel and unwind after your event has taken place.
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Enhanced event spaces

Redevelopment work has started on our existing spaces to maximise the potential of your events at Olympia London, including a modern, sophisticated redesign to our internal meeting spaces and additional onsite facilities. A neurodiverse flexible space is also being created that can be tailored to your individual needs. The new logistics centre and investment in a cutting-edge logistics management system will also enhance the exhibitor experience when accessing the venue.

An architect's vision for the Olympia destination

Trevor Morriss, lead architect for the Olympia destination from SPPARC reveals his inspiration behind the use of space, the redevelopment design and the estate's role in the local community.

Olympia London conference centre

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