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Olympia Events guides

From attractions and shopping to accommodation and dining, make the most of your time at Olympia Events. Browse our hand-picked recommendations below.


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Betty Blythe

Betty Blythe

Transport back to the elegance of the 1920s at Betty Blythe's themed vintage tea room, just a 10 minute walk away from Olympia Events.

Bill's exterior

Bill's Hammersmith

Just a 14 minute walk away, Bill's contemporary European chain dishes up scrumptious breakfast, all-day brunch, afternoon tea, lunch and dinner menus.

Bite Café cakes and pastries

Bite Café

Located just a 5 minute walk away, Bite Café delivers unique tastes, organic teas, artisan coffee and scrumptious treats.

Brook Green

Brook Green

A charming, leafy enclave with a green, playground and tennis courts, complemented by gastropubs, cafés and restaurants. 

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

One of the most popular tourist attractions in London, Buckingham Palace is recognised globally as the home of the British monarch.

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