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Olympia Events guides

From attractions and shopping to accommodation and dining, make the most of your time at Olympia Events. Browse our hand-picked recommendations below.


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Eighteen 86

Located inside Olympia Grand, indulge in a tasty range of hot and cold dishes, sweet treats and a variety of hot and cold beverages including delicious Peruvian artisan coffee.


Ember Locke

Take a retrospective slice through 1960's Kensington at this luxury, boudoir-style 121-room aparthotel just a 20 minute walk away.


Enoteca Rosso

Embark on a memorable journey tasting an array of regional Italian delicacies.



Located opposite Olympia Events, Espress-Mo offers everything from delicious baked goods to a full English breakfast, delectable sushi, ramen, and soups.


EVE Kensington

Located inside Ember Locke, EVE is inspired by the diverse flavours and breaking bread cultures of the eastern and southern Mediterranean regions.

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