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Laithwaites Wine Festival 2024
Taste your way around the world
Laithwaites Wine Festival 2024
Taste your way around the world

Opening times

  • Fri: 5pm-9pm
  • Sat: 11am-3pm and 5pm-9pm
Indulge in a world of illustrious wines!

What's the one true pairing for any wine aficionado… the ultimate wine-tasting experience of course! Whether you enjoy a full-bodied red or a sparkling white, savour the world’s finest wines, one sip at a time, at Laithwaites Wine Festival, brought to you by Tony Laithwaite and family.

Bringing the vineyard straight to you, there is truly no better way to enjoy your favourite tipple. From Bordeaux to Barossa and every classic region in between, immerse yourself in aromatic flavours with an extensive showcase of 350 wines from 100 winemakers across 17 countries. What’s more, receive a complimentary tasting glass and tasting guide, ensuring you make the most of this unforgettable day.

Ready to put your pallet to the test? Celebrate the vibrant viticulture and tantalise your tastebuds during expert-led tastings and enjoy unique sensory experiences. Plus, delve into the wonders of wine with the world's foremost wine educators to enhance your burgeoning collection. 

Delivering both quality and favour in abundance, uncover and indulge in your perfect pairing with an irresistible array of street foods, artisan charcuterie, and Blur Bassist Alex James’ very own Cheese Hub.

Beyond the tastings, relish in an array of artisanal food delights and luxury spirits. Seize the chance to meet renowned host, bestselling author, and TV personality, Oz Clarke. What's more, thrill your senses at the brand-new ‘Merlot on the Dance Floor’ experimental wine-tasting experience. 

Laithwaites Wine Festival 2024

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