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The Media Production & Technology Show 2024
The UK’s largest broadcast show
The Media Production & Technology Show 2024
The UK’s largest broadcast show

Opening times

  • Wed: 9.30am - 6.30pm
  • Thu: 9.30am - 5pm
Captivate your audience with powerful content.

Have you got a creative vision waiting to be shared? Where creativity meets technology, let the cameras roll and bring your content to life at The Media Production & Technology Show, the UK’s largest event for the broadcast media and production industry.

Brace yourself for over 100 hours of unparalleled case studies and insider revelations from the titans of TV and film. With 250+ speakers 8 dynamic theatres covering pre-production, production, post, technology, audio, and virtual production, dive into the minds of industry leaders who've shaped some of the most talked about content of the year, including:  

  • Sam McAlister - Executive Producer, Netflix's Scoop, Author & Speaker
  • Dan Snow - Founder & Broadcaster, History Hit
  • James Hawes - Film and TV Director
  • Marcel Theroux - Writer & Broadcaster
  • Charlotte Winter - Head of Live Technology for Production, IMG
  • The production team behind Mr Bates vs the Post Office

Bringing together 300+ of the sector's greatest innovators, get to grips with the latest technologies with showstopping live product demos, equipping you for your next project. There’s no end to the creativity that unfolds. Become engaged and inspired with endless networking opportunities with 10,000 professionals.

The Media Production & Technology Show 2024

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