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Safeguard the future of your cyberspace.

Whether you're a cyber security veteran or fresh into the ever-evolving industry, embark on a transformative journey to strike back against the fiercest cyber threats at UK Cyber Week.

With the rise in online threats, it has never been more vital to combat them effectively. But, with the right technology, best practices, and cutting-edge strategies, you can do exactly that. Connecting you to policymakers, cyber professionals, and law enforcement, be guided through the minefield of cyber security with world-class keynotes, technical sessions, live demos and panel sessions covering:

  • AI, ML, & Data Science
  • Application Security
  • Cloud & Platform Security
  • Data Forensics & Incident Response
  • Network Security
  • Social Engineering

From cyber experts to disruptors, become armed and ready with the help of 70+ powerful minds including Philip Ingram MBE, Sky News, Geoff White, BBC Lazarus Heist Presenter Christine Bejarasco, CISO of WithSecure and Marcus Hutchins, Wannacry Fame.

UK Cyber Week 2024

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